Managing Participants on Who We Are

How to manage the Participants in the Who We Are section.

Go to

1. Click "Participants"

Access the participant section.

Click 'Participants'

2. Click "New entry"

Start a new participant entry.

Click 'New entry'

3. Enter Company name

Enter the participant's name.

Enter Company name

4. Click "Logo Link"

Click to add a logo.

Click 'Logo Link'

5. Enter Website

Input the participant's website.

Enter Website

6. Click "Add an asset"

Attach a document or image.

Click 'Add an asset'

7. Select logo

Select a logo or upload a new one

Select logo

8. Click "Select"

Choose an option.

Click 'Select'

9. Click "Create entry"

Finalize the participant entry.

Click 'Create entry'

10. Next Add the Logo to the Page

Navigate to the general section.

Next Add the Logo to the Page

11. Click "Who We Are"

Access the "Who We Are" section.

Click 'Who We Are'

12. Click "Add an entry"

Add a new entry.

Click 'Add an entry'

13. Select Your Logo

Select your logo

Select Your Logo

14. Click "Select"

Choose an option.

Click 'Select'

15. Reorder

Reorder the logo if needed by clicking and dragging up or down.


16. Click "Save"

Save the changes.

Click 'Save'