For­est inven­to­ry data is updat­ed annu­al­ly through a joint effort by the U.S. For­est Ser­vice and the North Car­oli­na For­est Ser­vice. Keep in mind, forestry data is often report­ed two years after the data has been col­lect­ed due to the mon­i­tor­ing process.

North Car­oli­na has an esti­mat­ed 18.7 mil­lion acres of forests across the state which trans­lat­ed to 54% of the state is forested. 

For­est Inven­to­ry and Analy­sis data from the USDA South­ern Research Sta­tion, 2021

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What Does SFI Mean to Me?

“To me, Sustainable Forestry means trees today, trees tomorrow, trees forever.  The SFI standard provides us forest managers with a framework, guiding principles so that we can implement forest management policies and techniques to insure that mantra becomes a reality.”

Cierra Ward

District Manager for Resource Management Service, LLC

“To me, SFI means many individuals of diverse backgrounds and ideas coming together for the good of sustaining one of our most valuable resources on the planet. It also means a concerted effort to educate those that do not understand how active and even intense forest management so greatly benefits not only the forest, but the entire ecosystem.”

Charles Daniels

Raw Materials Procurement for Domtar Paper Co. LLC