Sustainable Forestry Is Our Goal – Healthy Forests Are the Result

The North Carolina SFI State Implementation Committee (NC SFI SIC) is committed to promoting the sustainable management of forests in North Carolina. The NC SFI SIC supports programs and initiatives that help forward sound forestry practices within the forest products industry and other forestry related entities. To maintain SFI certification, a member company must document that its approved management and/or procurement policy is being followed on a daily basis.

The state committee works to support the growth of sustainable forest management through the SFI

program. The committee focuses on the following priorities:

  • Training and Education- The NC SFI SIC supports the North Carolina Forestry Association ProLogger Program.
  • Inconsistent Practices- The NC SFI SIC provides a hotline for the public to report perceived forestry practices that are inconsistent with SFI program goals. NC SFI SIC’s Inconsistent Practices Monitor toll free number (877) 271-6531.
  • Landowner Outreach- The NC SFI SIC provides landowner resources and technical assistance.
  • Informational Resources- The NC SFI SIC supports efforts that increase SFI program recognition.



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