Landowner Guide To Forestry in North Carolina


 The purpose of this guide is to provide nonindustrial, private forest landowners (NIPF) of North Carolina with the appropriate information and guidance to successfully manage their land to its desired potential.

There are over 500,000 NIPFs in North Carolina who own 64% of the forestland in the state. The management decisions these people make regarding the care of their forests have long-term environmental and economical impacts on all North Carolinians. Healthy forests not only provide the best wildlife habitat, cleanest air, cleanest water and the base for a host of recreation activities, but these forests also provide the resource for the state’s top manufacturing industry, forest products.

The information contained in this publication regarding taxation and applicable regulations is accurate but should not be construed to be official government interpretation. Since regulations and laws are constantly evolving, landowners should always check with a qualified resource professional, an accountant and an attorney before making any final decisions. Additional resource publications and information can be obtained from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and the North Carolina Forest Service.

The North Carolina Forestry Association  and the North Carolina Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee  hope this landowner’s guide will be a useful resource in improving the management, health and value of North Carolina’s forests. As our state continues to grow and urban areas expand, it is important for forest landowners to be active in their communities, educating others about the positive environmental benefits that are synonymous with well-managed forests.

A landowner can order a free guide via the mail by contacting the NCFA at (800) 231-7723.

If you are an NC SFI SIC member and you need to place a bulk order, please contact the NCFA to make arrangements on delivery