NC SFI SIC Inconsistent Practices Monitor Program

In addition to supporting professional development among foresters and loggers active in the forest products industry, the NC SFI SIC maintains an Inconsistent Practices Monitor program. The program actively monitors the performance of forest products professionals through the data supplied by the North Carolina Forest Service and through public input.

The North Carolina Forest Service produces quarterly reports on performance standards for the industry in regards to adherence to Best Management Practices and the Forest Practice Guidelines, particularly in the areas of water quality. Members of the NC SFI SIC strive to assist in the resolution of any forest management activity that may be out of compliance. It is worth noting that once a activity has been deemed out of compliance, it can be addressed and then found to be in compliance with a follow up from the Forest Service. It is also important to point out that in the most recent research by the North Carolina Forest Service, compliance with BMP’s was higher among those loggers who are current members of the NCFA’s ProLogger program than those who have not received this training.

The public’s opportunity to participate in this program is through the NC SFI SIC’s Inconsistent Practices Monitor toll free number (877) 271-6531. The Inconsistent Practices Monitor number is a resource open to anyone to report a forest management activity that is not consistent with the goals of the SFI program. The goals and background information on the SFI program can be found at All phone calls are investigated in the strictest confidence by the program’s third-party monitor, which is currently retired forester Steve Cox. The monitor is not an enforcement agency nor does the monitor have the authority to mediate a complaint.