Sustainable Forestry Teachers Experience

The NC SFI SIC supports the Sustainable Forestry Teachers Experience (SFTE) through direct financial contributions and in kind support.

The SFTE is a four-day residential program that focuses on the social, economic, and environmental aspects of forestry. Each year, an experience is held in three locations throughout the state of North Carolina.  Teachers participate in lectures, tours, hikes, and environmental education training. For more information, click here.

Experience Overview

  • Explore sustainable forestry practices and management techniques used in North Carolina
  • Go behind the scenes during field trips of industry facilities
  • Tour forests and/or logging sites
  • Participate in environmental education training
  • Project Learning Tree Curriculum-K-8 Guide and Secondary Module
  • Network with STEM educators across the state
  • Connect with natural resource professionals in your community

Feedback From Teachers:

I now have a great appreciation and am more knowledgeable about the work that goes into forest industries and sustaining our forests.

I was able to learn new information about the forestry industry. I appreciate the fact that I was given the opportunity to visit the sites and observe the process.

I believe all teachers no matter their subject or grade level take the opportunity to attend this workshop.