Logger Training – The ProLogger Program

The NC SFI SIC is a strong supporter of the NCFA’s ProLogger Program through its members participation on educational development committees as well as providing financial support for the production of education materials.

The NC SFI SIC also provides input to the NCFA’s successful logger education program, ProLogger. The program was started in 1995 to promote safety, business, and environmental awareness. To learn more about the ProLogger program, click here.

About the Program:

The NCFA’s ProLogger Program’s foundation is a base course that spans two consecutive days focusing on the pyramid for success in the logging profession – safety, sound business and compliance with environmental regulations.  The program was started in 1995 and in 2002 it added a continuing education module. ProLoggers are required to attend a module training session annually. The topics for the three-hour training module are typically developed through input from the NC SFI SIC, the NCFA’s Safety, Logging and Transportation Committee, the North Carolina Forest Service and Forestry Mutual Insurance Company.

In addition to training logging professionals, the program also documents training courses and maintains a list of ProLoggers in “Good Standing.” Companies that are NC SFI SIC members require that at least one logger from each crew be ProLogger certified to delivered to its facility.