The NC SFI SIC seeks to promote the principles of the SFI program through its involvment with various programs across the state.

Within the realm of the forest products industry, the committee supports logger training through its involvement with the NCFA’s ProLogger program in addition to its working relationship with the North Carolina Forest Service. The North Carolina Forest Service provides direct input to the committee on logger performance across the state in terms of Best Management Practices and the Forest Practice Guidelines.

The committee seeks to raise the awareness of the SFI standard among the general public by supporting education initiatives such as the NCFA’s Forestry & Environmental Camps and the Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Experience. The committee is a direct sponsor of the Teachers’ Experience and several committee members serve as volunteers at the NCFA’s camps.

The NC SFI SIC also promotes SFI directly to the people who own the majority of forests in North Carolina, private landowners. The committee supports forestry clubs, workshops for landowners, and the North Carolina Tree Farm program.

The committee welcomes the opportunity to work with new groups or organizations through its newly created grant program that seeks to connect the committee with those who are working on projects that promote the ideals of SFI. If you have a program that could use some help getting off the ground, please check out the grant program and contact the NC SFI SIC.