NC SFI SIC Wins Runner Up for Achievement Award

The SIC Achievement Award recognizes SFI Implementation Committee(s) for outstanding work in fostering community engagement by strengthening the connections between sustainable forests, thriving communities, and responsible purchasing. The award recognizes SICs for implementing the SFI program locally, making a difference on-the-ground to advance sustainable forestry and promoting the benefits of forests and forest products certified to the SFI Standard.

The NC SFI SIC is proud to be the runner up for supporting the programming of North Carolina Forestry Association Director of Education-Amy Juliana in her virtual forestry education efforts. This past year Amy has created more resources and materials to help the students of North Carolina make the connection between forests and our everyday products through educational outreach. Programs like online professional developments, webinars, multi-media projects, and a library of free resources all go to support the mission.

This has been an exemplary effort-especially in the virtual environment we have all been experiencing throughout COVID-19!!

Thank you, Amy Phillips, for taking the initiative to submit the the nomination form on behalf of the NC SFI SIC. This is quite an achievement for our Committee and NCFA!!

To learn more about North Carolina Forestry Association education opportunities, please visit: