NC SFI SIC Announces Grant Awards for 2021

The North Carolina SFI State Implementation Committee is happy to announce the approved  grant requests for the 2021 cycle. The  grant subcommittee reviewed the grants in July and the larger committee approved grantees later this summer. The NC SFI SIC typically awards over $100,000 in grants to projects that support the goals of the SFI program. The following grants were awarded for 2021:
Organization Project $ Amount Awarded
Lincoln Heights Elementary Education Materials $751.11
NC Soil and Water Student Material Trunks $8000
Forest Education and Conservation Foundation Pro Logger Module 21 $8500
Forest Education and Conservation Foundation Goods From the Woods Video Project $6000
Team Safe Trucking Driver Training Course $7900
EcoForesters Landowner Training Videos $5000
NC Tree Farm Online Presence $15000
WNC Communities HWA Workshops $4200
 $ 55,351.11