Managing Navigation

How to manage the navigation menus.

1. Click "Navigation"

Access the Navigation menu.

Click 'Navigation'

2. Click "Main"

Navigate to the Main section.

Click 'Main'

3. Reorder menus

Click and drag the diamond icon up or down as needed. Drag the menu left or right to control the depth .

Reorder menus

4. Adding a Navigation sub menu

Select the Parent menu where the menu should show up under

Adding a Navigation sub menu

5. Click "Add an Entry"

Add a new entry.

Click 'Add an Entry'

6. Click "General"

Select your site page. Most are located in the General section.

Click 'General'

7. Click "What is SFI?"

As an example the What is SFI menu is chosen.

Click 'What is SFI?'

8. Click "Select"

Choose the specified option.

Click 'Select'

9. Delete a page

Select the page and access the settings menu

Delete a page

10. Click "Delete"

Remove the selected item.

Click 'Delete'

This demonstrates how to reorder menus, add menus, and delete them.