About Us

The North Carolina Sustainable Forestry Initiative State Implementation Committee (NC SFI-SIC) is committed to promoting the sustainable management of forests in North Carolina. The NC SFI-SIC supports programs and initiatives that help forward sound forestry practices within the forest products industry and other forestry related entities.

The goals and background information on the SFI program can be found at

NC SFI SIC Goal: To ensure that forests in North Carolina are managed wisely and that these forests will be able to supply the recreational, environmental and commercial needs of future generations.

NC SFI Committee-The NC SFI SIC is a self-funded committee. Funds are provided by forestry firms participating in the NC SFI SIC program which either own timberlands, and/or acquire all, or a portion, of their wood needs from public and private forests in North Carolina for their manufacturing facilities.

Companies on the committee run the full range of the forest products industry including biomass, corporate timber management entities (TIMO’s), paper companies, sawmills, paper companies and pallet manufacturers. The committee also receives important input from various state agencies including the North Carolina Forest Service, conservation groups, industry advocates and university representatives. Click here for committee members. 

What Does SFI Mean to Me? 

To me, Sustainable Forestry means trees today, trees tomorrow, trees forever.  The SFI standard provides us forest managers with a framework, guiding principles so that we can implement forest management policies and techniques to insure that mantra becomes a reality.” ~ Cierra Ward, District Manager for Resource Management Service, LLC

“To me, SFI means many individuals of diverse backgrounds and ideas coming together for the good of sustaining one of our most valuable resources on the planet. It also means a concerted effort to educate those that do not understand how active and even intense forest management so greatly benefits not only the forest, but the entire ecosystem.” ~ Charles Daniels, Raw Materials Procurement for Domtar Paper Co. LLC