The NC SFI SIC is a self-funded committee.  Funds are provided by forestry firms participating in the NC SFI SIC program which either own timberlands, and/or acquire all, or a portion, of their wood needs from public and private forests in North Carolina for their manufacturing facilities.  Each year,  the NC SFI SIC establishes a dues structure based on a formula in order to raise the funds to be awarded as grants and for operating expenses. Firms that own forests pay a set fee per acre. For manufacturing firms, these dues are calculated by multiplying the amount of wood used from North Carolina in the preceding calendar year times a monetary factor.

Funds in recent years have been provided by these companies.
Campbell Group
Abitbi-Bowater, Inc
Domtar Paper Company
Edwards Lumber Company
Enviva Pellets
Georgia Pacific
Hancock Forest Management
H.W. Culp Lumber Company
International Paper Company
Jordan Timberlands Inc.
J.W. Jones Lumber Company
KapStone Paper
Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
New South Lumber Company
Weyerhaeuser Company