NC SFI SIC Grant Program

nc sfi graphics grant pageThe NC SFI SIC collaboratively promotes and facilitates sustainable forest management by example and by providing guidance, assistance and education – including grants – to forest industry professionals, private forest owners, educators and others supporting the SFI’s principles. Grant amounts range between $500 and $20,000 and must be submitted by July 1, 2020 for consideration for the next grant cycle.

If you should you have any questions about the grant process, please do not hesitate to contact NC SFI SIC Vice Chair, Jadie Andrews , 

Grant Categories

The NC SFI SIC awards grants are available to fund SFI compatible activities in four categories:

1. Landowner Outreach – For programs that encourage or support sustainable forest management by private, non-industrial forest owners and managers consistent with SFI principles. The objective is to increase the amount of well managed and certified acres in North Carolina

2. Forest Professionals Education and Training – For programs that provide, directly or indirectly, education and training for forestry professionals (e.g., loggers, wood transporters, foresters, technicians) in areas consistent with SFI principles such as sustainable forestry, best management practices, safety, and other topics identified in the SFI Standard. The objective is to increase the knowledge of forestry practitioners to implement sustainable practices on all forestlands in North Carolina

3. Public Outreach – For programs that support forestry education (whether in the classroom or elsewhere, whether formal or non-traditional) or other public outreach activities, which promote sustainable forestry awareness and practices, consistent with SFI principles. The objective is to increase and improve SFI recognition in North Carolina

4. Market Outreach/Recruitment – For programs that increase and improve SFI recognition and increase the number of third party certified organizations in the NC SFI SIC

CLICK HERE for the grant application for next award cycle (2021).

Applicants must use the NC SFI SIC application form. Electronic Submissions must be sent by 11:59 p.m., July 1. Submissions by U.S. Postal Service must be postmarked no later than July 1. Submissions hand delivered or sent by courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) must arrive at the SIC office by 5:00 p.m., July 1.


Grants Awarded in 2019 for projects to be completed in 2020

Team Safe Trucking for Entry Level Driver Training- $2500.
Envirothon for Envirothon School for Advisers and Teachers- $3400
Friends of the NC Museum for Growing Up from our Roots Mobile Exhibit – $4500
Forestry Education and Conservation Foundation for Focus on Forestry Careers Booklet- $1500.
NC Tree Farm for ForestHer Workshops- $10000
Forestry Education and Conservation Foundation for ProLogger Module 21- $8,500
Muddy Sneakers for Outdoor Science Education in the Coastal Plains- $7500
White Oak High School for forestry tools- $1000.
NC State University for NC Green STEM Forestry Connections- $3900
Triangle Land Conservancy for Your Forest’s Future Workshop- $1000
ILASS for Job Training Program for At Risk Youth- $5500.

Grants Awarded in 2018 for projects to be completed in 2019

EcoForesters- $3000.
Gateway Project- $13,945
Alexander Chapter Mobile Museum – $5000
Forest to Classroom- $5,500.
NCFS Tree Trunks- $8,750.
Forest Education and Conservation Fund- $8,500 for Pro-Logger Module 20 DVD Training Video
North Carolina Tree Farm Program- $10,976 for NC Tree Farm Re-inspections
NC Tree Farm Short Films- $6000.

Grants Awarded in 2017 for projects to be completed in 2018

Roanoke Economic Development – $10,000 for Sustaining Forestry & African American Land Retention and Youth Steam Summit
Appalachian State University – $5,000 for Carbon Offset Project
Institute of Art, Landscape & Sustainable Spaces – $15,000 for Community Youth Program Focused on Forestry and Natural Resource Education
Forest Education and Conservation Fund – $4,000 for Wildlife Station
Forest Education and Conservation Fund – $7,500 for ProLogger Segment on Soil Productivity and Reforestation
North Carolina Tree Farm Program – $13,750 for Re-Inspection of Tree Farms
North Carolina Tree Farm Program – $7,500 for Forest Landowner Outreach Summit

Ongoing NC SFI Support

The NC SFI continues to support several top education initiatives through the NC Forestry Association. This includes $10,000 for the production of Goods from the Woods Boxes, $10,000 for the Forest & Environmental Camps, and $40,000 for the Sustainable Forestry Teachers Experience.